Pre-amping a Trends Audio TA 10.1?

Has anybody hooked a Trends TA 10.1 up to a pre amp? Passive (i.e. Creek OBH-10 or 12)? Active? Newer or older? Results?
Have one coming and am curious.
In fact, would a Creek OBH-10 or 12 match well with the TA 10.1? Or maybe the JoLida passive pre-amp? Anything in the specs of either the Trends or the pre amps to indicate yes or no?
Currently using a TA 10.1, my tube SET is away for a bit. Using a Transcendent Sound GG pre in front. The addition of a (good) tubed pre makes the Trends, IMHO, quite good to listen to. Without the pre, the TA 10.1 isn't the same beast at all!
Yes, I use a tube preamp with 12au7 NOS tubes. It definetly improves the sound considerably. Trends was suppose to be making a tube preamp available, but I have since heard nothing of it recently. King Rex is going to have a tube pre for their stuff soon. For the price, this T amp stuff is very very good in my opinion.

How do you set up a preamp to the TA 10.1? I am assuming thtat it is simply just running the RCA's to the TA 10.1. Is it that simple? Where would you leave the volume at on the TA 10.1, or is it over ridden by the preamp volume? I would like to get into Naim stuff some day soon and I was wondering if I could get a NAC 112x or even 122x and use it with the TA 10.1?