Pre amp for Odyssey amp

HI, I finally decided to get into high end gear. I ordered Odyssey's dual mono amp, but can't decide on the pre amp. Any comments on Odyssey's Tempest? I would like to go with a ss pre with a good phono section w/remote, or will consider pre with outboard phono, and stay under $3,500.00. I mainly listen to hard rock and have a M&K powered sub and satellites. Your suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks, Wayno
I'm using an Odyssey Tempest with my monoblocks and I love the sound. Very smooth and musical and detailed too. Listening to music on this combo sounds very natural. When you turn up the volume, there's no congestion whatsoever. It just lets more music through. I haven't used the phono section but I'm sure it's on par with the rest of the preamp. The Tempest is exactly the same as the Symphonic Line preamp that sells for $3K.
Can you get the tempest with a remote?
Yes, there is a remote control upgrade as well as an A/V passthrough.
I use a BAT VK3i and the pairing is wonderful. I just recently re-tubed to more dynamic and revealing tubes, the Odysseys went right along for the ride in stride. Great match.
Is this the same preamp that you now have for sale on Audiogon?