Power Cords: Signal vs. Shunyata

I'm looking at upgrading the stock belden cords for a Aragon 8008mk2 amp,Aragon 28k mk2 preamp, and Cary 308 cd player. I was thing Shunyata Copperhead for the Amp and Pre, and HT Fantasy AC10 for the cd player. The other thought which would be allot less money is the Signal Magic HC on the Amp and pre, and the Signal Digital HC on the cd player. Any thoughts? Are the others worth the extra dollars?

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I went from the Signal HC on a Jolida JD-100A to a Michael Wolff Carbon Source. Back and forth, my wife and I listened. They were not remotely close. With the Signal cable on the player, the soundstage collapsed, and the music sounded flat & constricted. Without telling my wife which cord was which, she mixed up the two every time, thinking that the one that deadened the music had to be the Wolff, because we had received it only an hour earlier. The Signal is a terrific product for $59, but it killed none of the giants I placed against it. Too bad, because I'd have liked to save the money. And Frank at Signal is one of the true gentleman in this business.
I would try to audition both cable before applying one to your setup. I believe SC has a 30 day money back guarantee so you really have nothing to loose. I have the Signal cable HC installed on my Denon transport, as well as a Bel Canto DAC 1.1 and have very pleased with the results. I do not believe Boa2 is as enthusiastic about the cables as I am...however, that may be due to system dependency.

Let us know what you decide