Power Cord Question

Ok, call me a simpleton, call me whatever you'd like, but I have a seemingly stupid question for you ppl out there in Audiogonland...

I bought an inexpensive subwoofer (Energy ESW-V8), which i got for cost (else I likely would not have purchased it), and it sounds surprisingly good (I'm still kind of in shock at that). It shows good bass note delineation, integrates well w/ my mains, goes down quite low in frequency and does not sound overly bloated and/ or as though it's playing only one note. Good value, for sure. Frankly speaking, it blows away the M&K sub I used to own a few years ago (and I thought M&K was touted as the be all and end all of subs at that time).

The Energy sub came w/ a detachable power cord and since I've read a lot about how power cords can affect a given component's performance, thought I might try a couple of different ones just for shits and giggles.

The cord itself is a two-prong. I have several other power cords kicking about, including computer power cords. All of these power cords are heavier guage than the Sub's original cord, which is good, however they are all three-prong cords.

After all this rambling, I just want to know if it's safe to use a three prong cord in place of a two-prong cord. Since I have less than rudimentary knowledge about this, i've turned to you, my trusted audiophile crazies, to answer this (stupid) question.

(hey, my mother always told me there's no such thing as a stupid question! ;) )

thanks in advance!
Two prongs simply means the cord (and subwoofer) are not grounded. No big deal. Most CD players I have owned are not grounded either.

In your case, the third prong on the plug would be for ground, but when you attach the female end of the power cord to your subwoofer, the receptacle on the subwoofer does not have a ground anyway, so the ground prong is a non-issue.

Experiment away....
well, geeezus, for some bizarre reason, i hadn't even thought of that!

i swear, i have to get my brain back in gear. Working for the federal government all these years has really dulled my cognitive processes! hahaha (funny, but not really)

Thank you Tvad
I use a surplus 16 gauge shielded cord from an old laser printer with my CD player and it makes a noticeable improvement in sound quality compared to the stock cord. I would try whatever you have on hand and and listen for differences in terms of bass "speed", "tightness" and tonal accuracy from the sub. If it sounds better, then DUDE - you scored. If not, then maybe investing in a pricier aftermarket cord may not be in your future.

Also, the Cable Company offers to lend cables so you can try before you buy.
I have three components with 2-conductor IEC AC sockets. I use 3-conductor aftermarket power cords with all of them to no ill effect. And actually, they make the components sound better. Two of them are PS Audio XStream Preludes, and the third is the Monarchy Audio AC-1.

In the case of the PS Audio cords, you can unscrew and remove the ground prong from the plug if you wish. I don't bother, though.