power cord for wadia 830?

Any one had any experience trying different power cords on the 830? Which one sounded best? Please only post an answer if you've actually tried said cords on the 830. Thanks, Mark.
Even though you never responded to my offer, on the "Calamus" cd you are selling, i i will try to share some info. about Power cord+Wadia. When i listened Wadia in Wadia demonstation room, at the "Golden Nugget" they used (3 years ago)Electra Glide "reference". However, VaC tube mono amps were used. I spoke with one of the representative and he suggested or advised (regarding cord's, cables, conditioners etc..) Wadia power cords were good enough and any attempt to change would result i probable "miss" than "match".
ELECTRAGLIDE P/T GLIDE. This Power Cord is desigged specifically for Digital Front-End gear. I have used it on the Wadia 830 and 860 and it sounded awesome! Currently, I do not have a digital front-end and have 2 P/T Glides for sale for: $460 each (Retail: $1,000/ each) Frank Days: 954-922-0505