Power Cord for Synergistic Research MCC

Just purchased a Master Control Center without the resolution ref mk.II X-series power cord, casuse I already had a A/C master coupler (non-active) PC, any difference by using these 2 power cord for the MCC? my friend had a MCC (old version) plugged by the A/C master coupler sounds good, how much improve by using a higher grade pc for only just the sheilding purpose? Thanks in advance.
Hi Mick
I auditioned every one of Synergistic's AC cords with an original MCC just as you have. My rig at that time was not nearly as revealing as it is presently, yet the test results were definitive even then. I now have an MCC-MkIII. Click on my username & then scroll down below my bio if you want to know the present rig's complete makeup.
Anyway, even with my older rig & the original MCC, the difference between AC cords was quite compelling. I didn't really want to believe that the AC cord would make any difference at all, even after discussing this with Mr. Ted Denney Pres. of Synergistic. Was I wrong!
I began the testing with a cheap stock AC cord, followed by the Master Coupler, the Reference AC, the Resolution Reference AC, the Designer Reference AC, finally the Designer Reference Squared AC. All of these cords were obviously pre X-series.
Every time that I installed a better AC cord, the depth & staging especially improved over the previous cord. This was the most noticable difference, although there's a greater sense of naturalness imparted with active shielded interconnects regardless of which AC cord was used. I ended up with the Designer Reference Squared AC cord & realized better bass definition & extension as well with that cord. Go figure; I still don't understand it, but then neither does Mr. Ted have a complete explanation.
Having recently upgarded to the MCC-Mk-III, now all 3 of my Designer Reference Squared AC cords are active shielded as well. The new X-series is all seriously even better.
I have an early Master Control Center also. The early MCC came with the classic master coupler. I received it with a replacement power cord of an unknown source.
Though I have not tried the Synergistic Research power cords with it, I have tried different Brand Name power cords and couldn't tell the difference.
I could tell the difference between the active shielding being on or off with the ic's and speaker cables.
I could definately tell the difference with the Name Brand power cords replacing the stock power cords on my pre amp and cd player.
I'm not saying that there is not a difference, just that I couldn't tell the difference, the power cords all sounded the same to me.

Bob; thanks for the post. I also have just upgraded to the MCC 3, and consider it an imprtant improvement over the original mainly because of the quality BNC connectors. I'm glad to hear of your experience with the upgraded SR power cords as I'm just using the standard Master Coupler. I also talked to Ted Denney and he recommended the Reference, but I couldn't afford it at the time. Cheers. Craig
Craig I have a Reference AC (pre X) just sitting here that might be of interest...you're welcome to try it.
The MKII unit went to the BNC connectors & better DC control cables.
The MKIII they upgraded the internal module(s) to X-series (this can also be done at home) & X-series DC control cables, remarkably resembling their Synergy speaker cable. Cheaper build cost & better HF & LF extension as well.
Anyone presently owning an MCC Mk-II might be interested in an additional module (2 are available) if you want to power additional active interconnects, speaker cables, or AC cords. Y'all know how to find me.
Thank you for you guys sharing your experience.
Hi Bob,
Agreed with you, I've tried to plug a stock power cord to the MCC instead of my Master coupler today, the width/depth of the soundstage decreased, the pin-point focused vocal gone, I think the better PC plug to MCC, the better result you will get, I am using the MCC III for 1 Designer Ref Sq x-series power cord and 1 Designer Ref Sq (active but not X) AES/EBU digital cable, now I have a chance to buy either a Reference AC (not X), or a Master Coupler X-series, both are 2nd hand, first one is higher grade but old version, 2nd one is lower grade but latest version, which one will you suggest?
Mick I can't answer that question, sorry. The only way to know what will actually happen is to try it in your own rig. I can try to guess though...
It just might be a tie, so the best price might dictate the choice in that case. I am guessing an approximate tie because although the Reference AC was formerly a step up from Master Coupler, the Master Coupler you mention is upgraded to X series active shielding. Upgrade to X-series made a nice improvement on my DR2's, so assuming an equivelant enhancement (this assumption may or may not be correct) then the Master Coupler could be equivelant or perhaps even slightly better (or Not?).
This is all about synergy (how the individual parts react together as a whole) so as I said, the only way to really know for sure is to try it out for yourself. Even your personal listening preferences come into play here; the sound that I would prefer isn't necesarily the same as the sound that you would prefer.
Hi Bob,
Thank you for your suggestion, I tried both 2 cables in the 2nd hand shop today, they plugged them in a CD player for demo, I found the old Reference AC is better then the Master Coupler X, the Ref AC is more relax, focused & natural, I bring it home and listening now, very good, I think DR2 will even better a lot, but think of the cost effective, I am happy to use the Ref AC at this time.