Power cord for Aragon 8008 mk.2

Looking to upgrade the power cord. As most of you know, this amp draws allot of current. Some have said that the stock cord is fine since some amps don't always work well with aftermarket cords. Thoughts on what may work? Thanks.
Give the Cardas Golden a try. It is designed for high current devices.
Hi, I'm writing from Italy (excuse me for my bad English!).
I'm enjoing an Aragon 8002. I know it is smaller than 8008, but it's going very well with a Van den Hul Mainsstream powercord. I hope you could try it.
I am also asking a question. Could someone explain the electronics on how a power cord upgrade can improve the incoming current from a house outlet, from a breaker panel or, for that matter from the street. I can understand how alt current can be 'cleaned up" as it were - voltage stabilzed, freq regulated etc. but that's a diffferent matter, and I thought that's what a powersupply in a pre-amp or amp deals with as it converts current to DC. Thanks.
I cannot understand how "upgrading" the last three feet of 120 volt A/C could possibly make an audible difference, unless you aren't using the supplied power cord--and what you have is undersized.

I CAN see that with a high-current draw amp, having under-sized house wiring might cause voltage droop under high-demand situations--but changing the last 3 feet of wiring isn't going to fix the under-sized wiring from the circuit breaker/fuse to the wall outlet. (I have 25 feet of 10 gauge house wiring between my breaker panel and the power cord. No problems there.)

Upgraded power cords seems to me to be a marketing gimmick designed to seperate people from their money.

Aragon amps have a gigantic power supply for their rated output. There's plenty of transformer, and supply capacitance. I bet you couldn't tell the difference with a different power cord.