Polarity Invertng Rogue 66 W Bryston 4BST

I just received my new Rogue 66 Magnum preamp with line stage and remote. At first I wasn't sure what to think. The sound was more musical and full, but I felt I was missing detail. I wasn't completely surprised at this, but a little disapointed. After dinner I listend for an extended time, and it seems that I am now hearing much of the detail I feared was lost. Can anyone share their experienxe with the break in period of this preamp? Also it mentions inverted polarity. I would like to know if anyone else has fliped the speaker cables or just left this alone. I have this connected to a Bryston 4BST Amp. The rest of my setup is as follows. PSB Stratus Gold speakers, MSB DAC with HDCD,Cambridge Audio D300 cd, kimber 8tc biwire speaker, and Hero interconnects.
Any suggestions or info would be appreciated.
Some folks claim detail can be lost if polarity is inverted. Although I myself have strong doubts about the true audibility of phase inversion (even though I do the same correction for my C-J preamp), it would be best to go ahead and follow the manufacturer's advice to reverse the polarity of the speaker connections positive for negative (at either the speaker end or the amp end, your choice - but not at both ends!), if for no other reason than to keep the playing field as level as possible when comparing to your old preamp. Also, it is possible that the new component will evolve a bit in its sound during a "break-in" period - this being true at least as much for the tubes themselves as for the circuit, the latter being another point about which there is some disagreement. But ultimately, whether it is the component, or your ears, that "break-in" over time, you would be doing yourself a disservice either way by rushing to judgement when dropping new gear into your system. Try a couple of weeks of frequent first use before drawing any ultimate conclusions and you'll be a lot more secure in your decision.
What was your old preamp? I used a non-Magnum 66 for about a year and then had the Magnum upgrade done. I do invert the speaker cables as Rogue suggests after having tried both ways. Inverted sounds better in my system. Comparing the Magnum to the stock 66 I noticed improved detail, imaging and bass response right away with the Magnum. Over a period of about 2 weeks of a lot of listening there appeared to be some slight improvement in sonics but not necessarily regarding detail. Over time the Magnum seemed to be a bit warmer or richer sounding.

Original pream was a Parasound pdl-1100. I will invert speaker cables tonight and see what I hear.

Prec.. are you saying that after the Magnum upgrade Rogue advised you to invert the cables??? I am using a stock 66 that is leaving for the Magnum upgrade next week and would like to know what to expect...
RGD, she stock 66 has inverted polarity so unless your power amp has inverted polarity as well Rogue recommends reversing the speaker leads. The Magnum upgrade doesn't affect the polarity either way.
Tx for the update - I guess I would have known this had I taken the time to read the manual... Will try it both ways when it returns from its visit to PA.