Plinius SA250 and Bryston 14 SST

Hello, I am wondering if anybody of you out there has heard both those amps and would like to share your opinions with us. I am thinking of upgrading to a suitable amp to drive my large PMC MB1 speakers. Also, which preamp would you recommend with either amp? I am a bit scared of the high powerbills that the SA250 might generate when running in Class A, but then again, good things have their price...
Many thanks for your input
Hi...... having heard both, I really feel the Bryston to be a jewel of an amp. It does everything extemely well and has a transparent and sweet top end, something I've found hard to find in solid state amplifiers. The 20 year transferrable warranty dosen't hurt either.
The Bryston 14sst is a good solid-state amplifier, however it is very different from the Plinius 250IV. I compared the two a while ago, and liked the Plinius much better. Compared to the Bryston, the Plinius runs in higher current so you could really feel the vibrations of the instruments; the soundstage was bigger, and the natural sound is unbeatable. If you can find a used (but updated 250IV) in a good price, take it, and look no further.