Plinius 9200 Intergrated for Shahinian Arc

Will a Plinius 9200 be able to drive shahinian arc speakers well enough to be happy till i can add an amp ?
The Plinius should be a great match with the Arc.
I know this is an older post, but would also like to comment. I use an older Plinius 8200 on Obelisk 2's, and this is a fantastic match for them. I can only think that the 9200 would work fantastic with Arc's as they are even easier to drive than the Obelisk, which can be a bit current hungry.

I think the older Plinius amplifiers are a very good bargain these days as they can be bought fairly reasonably and definately have power/current drive, yet retain a very good balance of finesse and detail.

Plinius and Shahinian, they play togetehr very well indeed. Tim
On Shahinian's own website I believe they mention Plinius as one of the amplifiers they recommend.
This is true, and I believe the picture on the home page with the Obelisk is an 8150 integrated in the electronics stack there.

I would love to try the newer Hautonga integrated, but the wallet is a bit weak at the moment. But I feel my older unit is doing just fine. Plinius does make great gear.