Please help diagnose/fix CD problem

Although certainly not high end, this TEAC PD-D2200 CD changer/player has performed flawlessly for years with my Crown pre amp/power amp and pair of Klipsch K-Horns. Now, sudden stop of player. Have opened it and checked all connections and functions. The changer deck operates properly, all front side readouts are working, and the unit reponds to all commands but, when the CD reaches the laser deck, that device will lift it as if to play - but does not spin the CD.

Is there an internal component to isolate for adjustment or replacement?, or any other simple suggestions to save this unit? I have a good tech mind and lot of common sense, but am not an elect tech and do not go deep with electronics. Any help will REALLY be appreciated.

If you think this unit may be beyond help, which good quality for the $$ single CD player do you recommend.
I am only guessing at this. You say the cd fails to spin. Sounds like a motor that spins the cd has burned out? I would say once that happens its time to replace this unit. You could play with it but I had this happen and usually the unit is ready for the trash heep.
Can you manually start the disc spinning when plugged in and the disc is set to start, with the cover off (push play and them spin the disc with a finger to start it)?
I have had several high use players fail to 'start' spinning. But once I would give the disc a little push. Works, and plays fine as long as that disc is replayed without stopping.
A few times the disc will work 'hit or miss' style, where I would need to start it manually once, then the machine would self start a few times.. then stop and need to be pushed again.
I thought it must be either a one of several small capacitor which is used to 'jumpstart' the disc. Or, the motor had one section (on several) burned out.
Time to dump, and use the opportunity to buy a Sony refurb 595 for $60 from SonyStyle.
Thanks so much for your replies.

Schipo - the motor seems still to be OK in that the drive plate WILL spin a bit when the turntable rotates to each of the 5 positions for a CD, but when it then lifts a CD to play it, it does not spin the actual CD. I am wondering if there is some beam "recognition" of the CD that must take place before the CD will spin and be read. Any thoughts there?

Elizabeth - I will again remove the cover and try as you suggest. If this maneuver fixes the problem and all CDs start every time after that - I owe you a big hug. However, further intermittency would lead to deeper frustration and more hair pulling. Thanks.

Buconero117 - you may very well have the most effective diagnosis, and I am prepared to do so. Thanks for the recommendation for the reconditioned Sony 595. If not able to fix this soon, will do exactly as you suggest. As it turned out over the long run, the 5 disc changer feature is of almost zero importance because I am a very selective/analytical listener in the music theory sense and a single CD player would be more effective.