Please Critique my Setup and Recommend Upgrade(s)

As a lifelong musician and former recording / pro audio engineer, this is my first foray into the world of HiFi and I could really use some advice and direction.  Last week I bought the following setup for a dedicated listening room that is essentially a 13x13 square room on three sides with the area behind me extending back another 25 or so feet.  There is a partial backwall about four feet wide but it is mostly open air behind me.  Ceilings are 9' and I have GIK bass traps in all corners, early reflection points on the side walls, and panels overhead between speakers and listening position.  Speakers are about 2 1/2 feet from back wall, 6 ft. apart, slightly toed in on cheap stands weighted down by cinder blocks.

1. 2017 VPI Scout Prime turntable with Ortofon Bronze
2. 2017 Rega Brio Integrated 50wpc Amp and Phono Stage
3. ELAC Uni-Fi UB5 Speakers

So far this setup certainly sounds good, but it isn't blowing me away either.  At lower volumes the soundstage feels a little small and two-dimensional.  At louder volumes the sound seems to fill the room more, thereby enhancing the soundstage and making the music feel more natural as opposed to coming from directly in front of me.  The stereo imaging is okay, but I expected a little more stereo separation.  Also, perhaps the speakers are still breaking in, but the ELACs don't seem to do the best job of presenting the music in a cohesive manner.  It sounds like the frequency bands are a little disjointed.    

Should I stick with the ELACs but consider a higher end integrated amp that can feed them a little more power like a Parasound Halo?  Or should I nix the ELACs and invest in some more efficient and higher end loudspeakers,e.g. Devore, ATC, ProAc, etc...?  Would I still get an audible improvement with these nicer and more efficient speakers if I stick with the Rega Brio, or do these high end speakers warrant a truly high end amp?  I ask because I likely can't upgrade both speakers and amp at the same time.    

I also considered the KEF LS50, but it seems like they are similar to the ELACs in that they are rather inefficient and need a powerful amp.  

Latest update(s)...again, thanks for all your collective wisdom and advice; much appreciated!

1. I bought a pair of used Devore Gibbon 9's today that should be here later this week.  Admittedly, I'm having a little buyer's remorse simply because I think I paid a bit more than they are worth...but I'm excited to hear them nonetheless.  Of course, not one hour after I sent funds I got some really good offers on a used pair of O/93s and a demo set of O/96s, but the 9's were already pushing the budget pretty hard so it is probably for the best.  Details to follow.  

2. I snagged a Moon 110LP phono stage that was discounted from $700 to $350 from a local dealer just to compare it to the Rega phono stage.  Upon listening to a few records through the Moon, it sounds significantly better than the phono stage in the Rega.  The Moon has considerably more depth, stereo field is much improved, tonality seems less harsh, etc...Oddly enough, I started getting some static through one of the speakers after a few hours that seems related to the Audioquest interconnect I bought to connect the Moon.  When I swapped terminals the static switched to the other speaker channel.  Will sort that out tomorrow, but I think the Moon is a keeper.  

3.   Close to pulling the trigger on a used Line Magnetic 518 to run with the Devores.  Line Magnetic seems to be the amp/brand that every Devore dealer recommends, so I have no doubt it is a good bet.  I would love the more powerful 508 model, but I will have to wait until I can find a used/ $5k, that is more than I can spend right now.  Looking at around $3100 for the 518.      

4.  Will likely keep the ELACs for my upstairs system as they really are very impressive for their price.  Plan to take the Rega Brio back to the dealer this week.

In case you are wondering why I ignored the sage advice of demoing to all this stuff locally before making a decision, what I found is that many of the brands I was interested in do not have a dealer in Denver/Boulder, and even if they do, the store doesn't stock anything.  I also feel a bit disingenuous using a dealer to demo equipment that I have little to no intention of buying brand new when I can get it for half the price used...wish me luck :)   
I've heard the Line Magnetic driving both Devore Gibbons, and O/93s and the combination, in my opinion sounds beautiful. Very lifelike and dynamic. I believe that you've made an excellent choice. Let us know your impressions once you get to listen. 
Well that was a massive rethink!  Tube amp, huge speaker upgrade, separate phono stage... impressive determination!  Hope you enjoy it, and hope it sounds fantastic!
Disjointed hmm, seem like loss of emotional connection to the sound, try British blood speakers, KEF worth consider, lots of choices, Harbeth, ProAc, or even more specific a LS3/5A design speakers, it just need clean power for fabulous sound, matching also becomes easier as sound already tuned pretty much perfect if you got clean power to drive the speakers