Please advice on B&W diamond line

Hi everyone,

I'm a big fan of B&Ws.  Recently lost my pair of older 805N and looking for a replacement.  Been saving up for the 805S but very tempted by the newest 805 D3.  I'm a typical joe for whom money is always a concern.  For those with actual listening experience, can you advice me

- Is the D3 worth the extra $2500+ used market value on top compared to 805S to your ears?  What about D2 vs D3?

- The 805N was relatively easy to drive with modern entry level gear in line with the current used market value of 805N, how much harder would the D3 be to partner with?  Would I have to overhaul and move up $3-4k worth of gear?

- I read sad stories of the fragile diamond tweeter dome shatter easily and very expensive (over $1k) to replace, has this happened to you?

Many thanks ahead.