player for B&W 803s

Fresh and green newbie here and need the more experience to guide me.
After walking in a dealer, I just splurge $9k on
1) Rotel 1082
2)Rotel 1080
3) B&W 803s

Any thoughts on the player? do try to stick to a moderate price cd player or univeral player if I can or the mrs will start talking! or will any player will work? The dealer recommended an escient fP -1ipod manager server and since I do have 2 LCD around, I might opt for the escient media manager down the road.

Rotel 1072 should be fine and under 1K.
I agree with Bar81. The RCD-1072 is a very fine player under 1K. I have the changer version - RCC-1055 - and have been very happy with it.