Pioneer to stop making plasmas

Who knows if Pioneer will spec their TVs from Panasonic to be comparable with their current Kuro Elites or not. This might be the last year to get a true Kuro Elite Plasma from Pioneer. Word was they couldn't make any money on selling them even though they sell very well.

I imagine they couldn't raise price in today's economic climate and need a certain amount of sales to be profitable on the TVs which isn't happenning.
Based on the few dealers I talked with, the 2008/2009 model is the last year of a true Pioneer products - the next year model will continue with the Pioneer video processing unit and Panasonic will make the chassis and glass for them.... That is what I am hearing from several dealers I talked with the past few months... But, who knows about the economy downtrend, anything can go, I heard that NEC filed for bankrupt.... Just madness out there!
Pioneer has NEVER made their own panels.

They used to use Fujitsu, but they stopped producing plasma a few years ago so they switched....