Pioneer elite pd-65 or modified dvd/cd player

I am looking to upgrade to a nicer cd player from a regular mega changer, and I also have a JVC dvd player. These both sound about the same to me. I am considering a used PD-65 or a modified player by Dan Wright of Modwright. These will be used as stand alone players for now. Price range is about the same, as both are used. Thanks.
I have owned two of the PD 65's.I am always surprised to audition the latest cd players and come home to my $350 PD 65.Buy one- if you don't like it- sell it.You may be out the shipping.
I ahve a 65 and it is hard to beat as a transport much less its price tag. You can't lose as Tracer said.
Thanks to both of you. I made a deal for a PD-65, so we will see how it goes.