Phono Stage Help


I need some advice on the correct settings for my Phono Stage. 
The turntable is a Project Carbon with the carbon tonearm. I was using a Shure MM Cartridge. A friend was kind enough to loan me a Dynavector 17D2 Cartridge. 
The Phono Stage is a Project Tube Box DS. From what I am able to understand, I removed the jumper from the 40 db slot so now both 40 db and 50 db gain have no jumper on them which means its a 60 db gain. The other jumper is placed on the 100 pf. 
Are these the correct settings for this Cartridge?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

srafi, try using the following settings for the 17D2...

At 60 dB of gain (no jumpers) the output level should be fine.

No jumpers for capacitance.

Jumper on F/V when using input impedance for low output moving coil cartridges.

Start with 200 Ohms or 300 Ohms setting on input impedance dial. (Five to ten times the internal resistance of 38 Ohms.)

If the sound seems overly bright or harsh, try the 100 Ohms setting. If the sound seems somewhat dull, try the 400 Ohms setting.



PS: The internal resistance (DC resistance) of the 17D2 cartridge was found here:

Dynavector recommends loading the 17D2 at 100 Ohms (or higher) resistance. I found 200 to 300 Ohms sounded the best with my setup but experiment with other settings to find the best sound with your system.