Phono stage

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Hello everyone, hope you all well, I wish to replace my phono stage!!
There is a phono stage, for sale, down here, that has great reviews, I just can't get my head around, output and cartridge loading!! my current phono stage is set at 66 dec, with a cartridge loading of 100 ohms, which to me may be a bit bright, the cartridge is a Dennon 103, on the Dennon instructions, they recommended a load of 100 ohms, however my Dennon has been modified by ZU Audio, and on there instructions, 300 ohms, is recommended!!
Very confusing!!, as I find anything over 150 ohms to be very bright!!
I wish to buy a PCM Prelude phono stage, it seems to have many dip switches, to suit all cartridges, with loading and gain, but it does not have a 100 ohm, switch, it goes 20,50,200, etc, yet I read a review, that having some switches open on both gain, and loading's, I can get the approx loading of 100 ohm??, that I'm after?? is that right??, I need to know ASAP, as good quality stuff on this web site, won't last long, the PCM web site is in "polish", so can't get there advice, in English!!
Can some one can help??
Also is there a link, that explains, cartridge loading and gain??
Many Thanks

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If you have a low output cartridge, and without a load it is bright, the problem is that the phono section is unstable.

It is a very confusing issue, but in reality the load is not there for the benefit of the cartridge, its there for the preamp.

If the preamp is stable, it won't be bright even without a load (just the internal load of the phono section, which will be 47,000 ohms).

The gain has nothing to do with loading; 66 db is a good amount to allow you to work with phono cartridges of as little as 0.2mV.

If you want to get into the math of it I can point you to some links, but the bottom line is that you are better off with a phono section that does not require loading to sound right. When the loading is present, the cartridge has to be able to drive it- and the energy has to come from somewhere, which is the cantilever of  the cartridge. It gets harder to move as a result, which means its not going to extract information from the groove as well.

So a stable phono section is important!