Phono Cartridge For a Sumiko RM-4

I am an analogue beginner and I just bought a floor model Sumiko RM-4. It did not come with the oyster cartridge and I need to purchase a cartridge. I am completely in the dark as to what too look for. MM vs MC, It seems that MC cartridges are more $$ than I want to spend. What is a good cartridge for under $200? I usually listen to Classic rock, folk and blues. I also need a phono preamp. I am currently using and old carver stereo preamp as a phono stage. I had an old turntable that bit the dust. I also need advice on setting the cartridge up. What tools do I need ect… I am not scared of trying to do it myself but I need to learn a lot before I try it. Any advice is welcome. For equipment I have
Receiver- Marantz SR-19
Speakers- Vienna acoustics Bachs
Thanks in advance.
Greg,take a look at Clearaudio entry level cartridge such as Aurum Beta,or Alpha,they should be around that price range,and they are very smooth and musical.
Pro-ject (in US,they call Sumiko)has a Cartridge aligment tool call"CAT" it is around $179 CDN,very easy to use,it works with Sumiko Arms as well as others arm from 9" to 12".If you could not find information of the above in your area,please go to