Philips 963 firmware

How can you check what firmware version is on the 963?

Does anyone know what the .24/.25 versions fix?

Thanks in advance
Try this website:-

I had problems with my Philips 963SA. First it had a dropped signal. After I exchanged it with my dealer, it sometimes could not transmit the digital signal to my AV amp. Intermittently, I get problems. If I turn on the DVD player before I turn on my AV amp, it sometimes does not pass through the signal. :-(
Thanks for the info. Hope you can get the problems solved on your player. Other than the loud ticking noise in the transport, I'm relatively happy with this player. But if you haven't done so, the Blackgate Cap mod is really worth doing. It makes a huge improvement in the sound quality.

How much did the blackgate cap upgrade cost?
Thanks for the link to the download site. I had the exact same problem with my 963, but it wasn't readily reproduceable. I contacted B&K and received a software upgrade for my Ref 50 just last week thinking it was on the preamp side.

What kind of sonic/video gains did you experience with the BlackGate? It seems to be a very popular upgrade.

Do you know how to determine which version of the firmware a player is currently running - or did none of the units come with 24?


The blackgate cost $23 ( The main thing I noticed was a tighter and deeper bass as well as a slightly expanded soundstage.

Check for how to check what version of firmware you have running.


Thanks for your response. I was going to try the HEXFRED diodes too while I had the unit open.

I found the instructions for the firmware.

Thanks again.