Pete Gabriel UP Redbook Vs. SACD Vs. Vinyl

I have compared all three of these format and find that the amazing sound staging goes away with 2 channel SACD and Vinyl. Many of the surround-sound-like effects apparent with the redbook CD simply disappear. I wonder if the effects were accomplished with precise phasing that is not preserved in the other formats, or if they're may be 180 degrees out of phase?

Has anyone else noticed this? BTW - I have not heard the SACD in multichannel.
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I have both versions and you pegged it. the redbook has better surround effects in 2-channel than the sacd. That said, the multichannel is it as far as this disc goes, absolutely fantastic.
Only heard the vinyl and it is quite likely the BEST engineered album to come out in years, at least of the music i have collected.

oh yeah the music is fine too.
Was UP a digital to vinly record?