Peachtree Nova Speakers

I'm not as technical as most on this forum, but I'm interested in getting the best sound that I can without going overboard on equipment. I have mostly digital music, so I am thinking about connecting my AppleTV to a Peachtree Nova, then get a nice pair a speakers to connect to the Nova. Does anyone have any suggestions? I currently have a pair of Paradigm Titans, but if there is something that would sound better, I'm definitely interested. Also, if you have a better suggestion than the Peachtree Nova, let me know.
Thanks for your help.
why not try out the ERA D4 speakers. Made by the same guys. I have D4's and they are very, very good. If you get a Nova I'll bet they'll let you demo a D4 setup. Have a look at the rosewood veneer as well.
While I think about it the Totem's (Mites and the next model up in size) sound very nice as well. Not to dis the Paradigms I found the ERA and Totem models a distinct improvement to my ears over the Titans and Studio 20's.