Peachtree Nova and my Totem Sttafs...?

I am considering purchase of this intriguing integrated with the intent of using it as an all in one...The design is one of the major selling points for my wife as it will be on a modern credenza in our living room..I have also considered the Aura Note by April Music, and the arcam solo. Majority of music will be from computer/ipod...

Any input?
I've got it's identical-looking but slightly less-capable precursor, the Decco, which sits in our modern home. It gets rave compliments on its looks from guests, and is an outstanding piece of hardware. Incredible bang for the buck. My source is a Sonos (tucked inside the unit), the IC is a digital Anti-Cable, and the speakers are Rega R1s. Easy peasy.
I can't comment on the Nova, but I own the Aura Note and really enjoy it! It is powering my Totem Mites. I've also owned the Arcam Solo, shortly. My wife and I MUCH preferred the Aura Note w/ the Totems!
As long as it has the power needed for your speakers I don't think you can go wrong with the Nova. The reviews have been very positive. If I could not hide my components in a cabinet I would definitely have gone with a Nova as a clean looking all in one table top solution. Women do seem to love the design, my wife noticed a Nova ad as I was flipping through a Stereophile one evening and immediately wanted one.