PC for R.A.B.O.S powered subs for better bass

For the MTS Infinity Preludes speakers that have the powered RABOS subs.

Please from original or pass owners /dealers welcome who sell Infinity Preludes speakers please.

I'm using factory PC and have tried a few PC , and it didn't seem to make any noticable difference.

I would like to keep the cost down if possible , I am willing to hear all of your experiences /suggestions.

Also if you have a contact # or web site for your suggestions that would be much appreciated.

Thank you
Despite having no experience with RABOS subs,
I'd recommend you staying with factory PC since it won't make any difference except decreasing your wallet.
For better and deeper bass you'd probably have to get more powerfull woofer.
I have MTS subs but don't understand the question (if there is a question) what's PC
PC here isn't a computer. It's an aftermarket Power Cord.
In most cases I'd recommend abbreviating APC or just BS for general understanding...