Pass X350.5 vs Rowland 302

Was looking for opinions from anyone that has had a chance to compare the Pass X350.5 vs the Rowland 302 amps. Looking to upgrade, driving N802's with Proceed AVP2/PMDT Transport and all Transparent Reference cabling, Power Cords & Conditioners.
The Rowland is an ICE module based amp. It has plenty of power to run your speakers. IMHO the Pass has a better power supply, analog, rather than digital, as in the Rowland. Put the best of both together, and what do you have? an MH2O Signature, that's what. Read the recent H2O review here at Agon.
Muralman, the Rowland 201 and 501 use digital power supplies. The 302 uses a custom analog switching power supply as far as I know. That is why it weighs over 90 lbs instead of less than 20.
According to the respective web sites, the Pass Labs X350.5 has a max output current of 20 Amps, the Rowland 302 has a max output current than 45 Amps. In theory at least this should mean that it can drive better difficult loads. For what it matters, a dealer I have contacted recently suspects that Rowland 302 may be a slightly better product than Pass X350.5.
Well, hello Guidocorona,

Looking at the innards of the 302, it doesn't appear to be an analog power supply. I have heard, on good authority, it is not. However, I will graciously accept correction.

I am a former owner of the Pass Labs X600. Compared to the innards of the H2O, I'd say the H2O's power supply more resembles the Pass Labs analog power supply.'s%20H2O&photo=H20%20S250%20Inside%20A

There is also the matter of cost. The very best H2O, M250 Signature mono blocks (2 larger amps) cost $5500 (not pictured), whereas the single Rowland is three times more costly.
Regarding the Rowland 302's power supply, if my memory is correct, I can recall seeing a picture of its innards and there was a beefy torroid along with ICEPower 500A modules. However, it is a power supply with a difference: Rowland uses power factor correction. This is not mere marketing fluff, and as far as I know the only other manufacturer that uses this technology is Halcro. This module regulates the power so that the voltage and current waveforms are identical and in-phase, and it is apparantly one of the "secrets" behind Halcro's incredible performance. I haven't heard the 302, but I have heard the Acoustic Reality eAR amp so I know how outstanding the ICEPower technology can be when it is executed right. This coupled to the price-no-object nature of Rowland's all-out assault on the state of the art in amplifiers gives me little doubt that the 302 is a stunner. Then again, at its asking price, it better be.
Muralman, you may very well be right about 302's power supply. I need to call Rowland in January and will ask them about it. I'd be in fact very interested in finding out about the performance difference between H2O Signature monoblocks and Jeff Rowland 302 and 301, regardless of the obvious price difference.