Pass X Series Preamps with JC-1 Monoblocks?

Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone out there is using, or has heard Pass Labs X series preamps,[X.2,X-0,X-1,X-2.5,X-2.2,etc], mated with the Parasound Halo JC-1 monoblock power amplifiers?
If so, how do they sound sonically together?
Are they a great match?
Any sonic disadvantages when they are used together?
Any comments would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Pass equipment will benefit from using balanced Cables.
I will be using balanced XLR cables to run from the preamp to the JC-1's.
I concur with cytocyles observations. I love my pass x series equipment with my thiels. They are a match made in heaven.

One thing I like about the x series amplifiers and pre-amps is they all have the same sonic characters. My auditioning of pass equipment over the years continually proves that the x-2 all the way to the x-1 are closer than x-1 to x-0. The x-0 has at least 30% blacker backgrounds and musicality and wider and deeper sound stage. I could not tell the difference from the x-0 and x-0.2

I currently use x-1 and x-350 with my thiel 2.3’s. I started with x-2 and x-150. I upgraded the x-2 to the x-1 because I needed more input’s. I upgrade my x-150 to the x-350 because I plan on getting thiel 6’s or 7.2’s when I move out of my small non audiophile listening room.

Hope this helps
I guess I can now answer my own question.
I recently obtained a Pass Labs X-1 preamp to use with my Parasound Halo JC-1 monoblocks.
WOW, what a combo!
Combine the genius of John Curl and CTC Builders with the genius of Nelson Pass and Wayne Colburn, and you have a simply amazing combination!
These units match up extremely well, and have outstanding sonics and resolution together. I was quite simply amazed!
Any reservations or perceived weaknesses I had with the JC-1's are now gone! There are no weaknesses at all in the JC-1's sound when using them with the Pass X-1 preamp!
I have never heard such detail resolution, speed, dynamics, imaging, and utter transparency in my home or anywhere else, no joke!