Pass Aleph 5-Wadia 8XX OR Concentra-FMJ 23

I will be driving Dunlavy SC-II's on a CD only system. Relaxed detail, 3-D deep and wide soundstage, non fetiguing sound is my preferance. Verdi to Mettalica at a blink of an eye but not very high DBL's. I have auditioned Pass O monos in the past and I was floored, but not the Aleph 5. I realy liked both the Wadia 8XX and the Arcam FMJ 23. I never had the chance to audition any Rowland products but I hear only good things about the Cancentra I or II. I will purchase used from Audiogon. We have no Hi-End stores close by so your ideas would be pivotal. Thank you in advance Ted
the 5 will simply outperform the fmj23

i cannot comment on the other choices you have but will say that the 5 is a later model than the 0's and as much as they are family perform better in all areas except one. The five have in my opinion the least driver control of all the aleph series amps and this is why they sound so much like tubes vs SS.

any choice you make will be enjoyable long term if you choose the one that pleases your taste.

enjoy the music
I use my Rowland Concentra amplifier to drive ProAc 2.5 speakers with a Meridian 508.24 as the source. I do not have any experience with the Dunlavy so I cannot comment. The Rowland amp does work okay with the ProAc speakers.
I had a Wadia 850/Aleph 5 into Quad ESL 63s, Audio Physik Virgos, Quad Esl 57s, and for a short time into Sound Lab A3s. I was very happy with the combo into everything, within power limitations into the last combo. BTW the present owners of the equipment are very happy also.