Parasound Preamp - Two Outputs?

I've got a Parasound 850 Preamp, It has two outputs, one is labled "Normal", the other "Direct" I assume that the "Direct" output is cleaner, and better sound. So the way I run my amps is one HCA 1200 from the direct, that goes in stereo to the top half of my JM Lab 936's and another HCA 1200, from the "Normal" to the bottom half of the speakers. It sounds "to me alot better than running each amp from the "direct" output and running them in mono? does that make sence? Or is there another way anyone would suggest.

Found this on the website's FAQ section:

Q: There are two outputs on the back. I'm confused, which one do I use to hook up to my amplifier?

A: The two outputs are labeled Normal and Direct. The Normal output should be used for amplifiers that you are not sure can protect your speakers from DC in the signal path. The Direct output can be used for all Parasound amplifiers since they include DC Servos to protect your speakers from DC in the signal path. If you are unsure, call you amplifer manufacturer or use the Normal output.

Hope it helps.
Best sound would be to buy the Audioquest, or similar, RCA splitters and run both of your amps off of the direct output.