Parasound new classic 2100 vs Emotiva USP-1

Both preamps have on-board bass management, the Emotiva is slightly cheaper. Has anyone owned either unit, what are your impressions, which is better? Is there another 2-channel preamp on the market that has similar on-board bass management capabilities? Richard Schramm told me Parasound's New Classic line is manufactured in Taiwan and Japan, with supervised assembly in Taipei and final inspection in San Fran. I'm not sure where Emotiva's gear is manufactured or assembled.
What amp are you matching up to?
Why do you need bass management for a 2 channel system?
Amp would be emotiva upa-1 or the parasound 2125. I run B&W 685s and a HSU sub. Sorry I should have mentioned this, mine is a 2.1 system. I mentioned 2-channel because this is for music only, not home theater.
There is also the beautiful retro-art deco looking Outlaw Audio RR2150 stereo receiver (MSRP $699). It has a subwoofer output too, with analog bass management and selectable 60, 80 and 100 Hz cut-off frequencies with a bypass mode if you prefer to use the crossover in a powered subwoofer. In addition you get a very high quality FM and AM tuner section. It has a 100 watt/channel @ 8 ohms output.

Its switchable phono input is compatible with moving magnet and moving coil cartridges, another real plus. If you like streaming audio files stored on your computer, just plug into the USB port found on the rear panel, or listen to your favorite playlists and plug in your iPod to the 3.5mm mini jack input on the front panel.

•Multiple inputs with separate record output bus

•USB input for playback of streaming audio output from compatible computers

•High quality phono input for both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges

•Processor/equalizer loop

•Front panel "speaker equalization" selector adds a half-octave of bass boost at a choice of frequencies to improve performance with compact bookshelf speakers

•Headphone jack with level control

•Front panel stereo mini-jack input for easy connection to portable devices such as iPod®

If you don't need all the features on the RR2150, I would opt for the Emotiva USP-1. Ready to rediscover your vinyl? The USP-1 has high-performance moving coil/moving magnet phono preamp circuitry.

Wondering how much more detailed your CD's can sound? Try pairing the Emotiva USP-1 and the Emotiva ERC-1 Reference CD Player. You'll be amazed. (I waws!)


The USP-1 easily integrates with a multi-channel or AV processor using Home Theater bypass switching. Use the preamp outputs on your processor to connect to the HT inputs on the back of the USP-1.

During normal stereo use, the USP-1 operates as a normal preamplifier. In HT BYPASS mode, the USP-1 simply becomes a passive pass-through connection for the signals from your processor, allowing it to control the left, right, and subwoofer channels.

Other than some niggling small issues (a cheesy remote, particularly when compared to the beautiful preamplifier)

Thanks Gchemie for the Outlaw Audio suggestion, had no idea that product existed! I have tried crossing over my 685s with a mid-range Denon AVR, and the results were "ok." I think the amplification in a unit like the Outlaw would result in better sound for the 685s.