Paradigm Titan version 5 vs. version 6

Paradigm now has a new version 6 on some of their monitor series.... Does anyone know the updates/changes on the version 6? The Paradigm site says nothing.
I was just at my dealer who is a Paradigm dealer. He said the V6 has a "slightly?" tweaked crossover which enables them to be even a bit more efficient, although they already are that. He did not elaborate or did not know any more on the crossover. Also, the grille is supposed to be improved, easier to get on and it stays centered without the tendancy to move a bit or not be centered easily. Also a new finish-Wenge, kind of dark brownish. That being said, he doesn't have any of the V6's yet, not sure when they will be shipping, but soon supposedly. I have a pair of V5 Atoms, and they are a really great little speaker for the money. I use them in a secondary Anthem TLP1/PVA2 Sony setup, really nice little system. Do a search, looks like a few things have popped up on the web as far as the V6 lately. Enjoy, Tim