Paradigm Studio 20 or 40?

I had been planning to get a pair of Paradigm Studio 20 v.3 speakers. But today I found both the 20's and the 40's on A'gon for reasonable prices. I'm wondering if I should go for the larger speakers.

I heard the 20's with a Nait 5i and liked them better than the ProAc Tablette 8's and Dynaudio [model?] that I auditioned at the same time. The ProAcs were too vivid, the Dynaudio's were too bland -- the Paradigms were just right. They seemed smooth throughout their range. The bass was adequate and tight.

Do the 40's have the same smoothness and clarity, just with a little more bass? I really don't want or need megabass, but I wouldn't mind a little additional. I just don't want it to get out of hand.

My listening room is medium sized (about 24X20). I'm actually in the market for a new amp, too, but it will probably be a Bryston B60, Creek 5350SE, or some other integrated. Thanks for any advice you might have.
I'd recommend sticking with the 20s. For 1, you heard those in person and that's the sound you liked. And to answer your question, yes the 40s will play louder and give you more bass, but I think the 20s sound better.
Thanks. I have a fear of wooly bass, probably from having tried to run Vandersteen 2Ci's with an underpowered amplifier for a while back in the 90's.