Paradigm Signature S2 v3 vs S4 v2

I just purchased a Paradigm Signature C3(v3) in piano black to replace my Signature C1(v2) which will be a huge difference. I've recently sold my S1's(v2) which need replacing. I have researched the S2(v3's) and the S4(v2's) which are discontinued and only read one fella who did a side by side comparison and said the S2(v3) had more magic to them. Anyone have similar results between the two. Any help is welcome. Thx in advance.....

My room is 2300ish cubic ft and I run a Svs PB13 Ultra subwoofer. My power amp is 220x5.

Regards Bacardi
Interesting post. The S2 and S4 both use the same Be tweeter. However, the S4 has more woofers than the S2. Just from listening to folks talk, my understanding is that the main difference between the v2 and v3 is that the midrange and woofer drivers are more efficient in the v3. Overall, the S8 v2 (my speaker) has an 89 db sensitivity. The v3 version is 92 db efficient.

By and large, I've heard that the v2 and v3 share a very similar house sound, just that the v3 is more sensitive. I'd be interested in hearing others chime in because I haven't had a chance to A/B the v2 and v3.

Bottom line: if the only difference is sensitivity, I'd go with the S4 -- greater range and power handing capability. IMO.
Bifwynne, the problem is finding a pair of S2'v2 and seeing as though they are discontinued. They are probably even cheaper than a new pair of piano black S2 v3's. My first pair of speakers were Paradigm 90p's. Sold them and bought Studio 40's in black veneer- very nice speakers. Then went to all active 40's(v2) in cherry veneer. Amazing sound but wish they would make new with Berrylium tweeter and maybe built in Anthem amplification. I just sold my Signature S1's v2 in piano black- wow, for a 84db speaker and pushing 220 watts into they really screamed cleanly at high volumes with my SVSs PB 13 ultra sub. Now I've purchased a C3(v3) which replaced my C1 center, huge difference. Now I need some S2/S4.

Regards Bacardi
I remember being enthusiastic by the affordability and value offered by this company when I purchased my first pair of Studio 100's. A knowledgable friend strongly suggested listening to the slightly higher priced Hales. I had compared them both in store but in different rooms and the Studio 100's seemed to have more of everything. Within a year they offered the Studio 100 v2. A response to reviewers criticism of a somewhat bright top end, they change the tweeter and offered optional reinforced wood clad sides to the enclosure which added a little body to the bottom end.

Still fairly new I managed decent resale on the 100's and bought the v2. Another year or so and came the v3 and the obviousness of ramped marketing. Loyal to the mark I auditioned the v3 this time at home. To our ears the v3 lost something and I stopped keeping up with they're marketing.

After living with the V2's I realized they seemed to sound their best at a certain somewhat loud level and I grew dissatisfied with them. By now the S8 was out. I went back to that same store where they still sold the same model Hales and the S8's but now in the same room along with a used pair of Avalon Acoustics Eclipse 2 ways.

What I thought were the 100's strong points were actually weaknesses and I realized I knew very little about sound without honest comparison. What I thought was the Hales deficiencies were actually a correctness with nothing standing out and glaring. The difference between the S8's and the Hales was strikingly obvious. The S8's are a multi-way speaker were you seem to hear every driver. The Hales were a more integrated single source creating a far more detailed sound stage. Comparing the Hales to the Eclipse it was easy to hear the Avalons refinement but of a similar voice.

Bifwynne, you have a stunning system that hugely outclasses those speakers. Used Eidolons or Vandersteen's will blow you away. Don't take my word for it, see for yourself.
Thanks Vic for the thoughts. I'll have to look around for some local hi-end shops where I can meaningfully compare speakers. Problem is there aren't that many which carry brands that I know. For example, I think the only Vandy dealer near me is in Verona NJ, which is quite a haul. But I'll take your advice and check around.

FWIW, Marc Mickelson reviewed the S8s in May 2010 and "luv'd em." Also, I read an October 2011 Steven Stone top 25 shoot out survey of speakers. The S8s ranked #7, which is kinda impressive considering the competition.

While I can't disagree that the best way to educate one's ears is to do some serious "A/B" listening, I don't have the same impression that you do that the S8s "are a multi-way speaker were you seem to hear every driver." Maybe my ARC gear just makes my S8s sound good????