Paradigm Center Upgrades

Hello all , I now have Paradigm Studio 40's L&R with a CC-350
I came across a good deal on a older CC-450 Ref studio center
This speaker is v.1 ( I was looking for a v.2 CC)
I can not fit the newer CC-470 to tall & lack of funds now so I picked up this CC-450
Can anyone tell me the diffrence from the cc-450 V.1 To the CC V.2 ?
will this be a good upgrade from my cc-350 (even thow its not the best match for my v.3 I think it should be better than a v.1 CC-350 )
I don't know what you are asking but the cc-350 is a match to the monitor series and not at all a match to your frounts. Your center needs to be voiced the same way as your frounts. I never really liked the sound out of the cc-350 it is a bit tinney (i have one) the studio series is a much more refined speaker. Anything that is matched to your model speakers will be better. You want to get the center that is voiced like the sides the speakers.
I don't have too much experience with the V3 Paradigm but have extensive experience with V1 and V2. In my experience, each version is pretty close although the newer ones tend to be smoother and have less of an edge. The CC450 will definitely be an upgrade over the CC350. I own the CC450 for years and it does a good job. I would upgrade to a V3 center channel when I get a chance though, but the Studio CC will probably be a lateral move. Timbre matching is important.