Panasonic DVD player cable choice,help

Getting a Panny DVD player modded at EVS,Ric recommended Zcable at 600$.I need to spend about 100$, and will be running it into a Counterpoint SA1000 direct.Any suggestions?Thanks in advance,Bob
For COAX I just use Belden.I forget the Manf. of the Glass TOSLINK someone sent me,but it retailed for around $100.

I found that my old Philips CD80 is better for Redbook CD's so I use that for music.

It is also advisable to use a preamp as the Vol. Controllers used in inexpensive players or any others I know of for that matter make things sound sterile. Those are just my findings though and your finding might be good anough for you.

recently I could not tolerate using CD Direct and had to use a panasonic Digital receiver instead.

The best option for music was using a Passive,but unless you can change the output resistor to a higher value like 6-7v you probably will not have enough gain unless your speakers are super efficient.

Good luck!
Thanks for your reply,the Sa1000 is a pre ,not a power amp.Sorry for the confusion,I also agree with your observations,thanks,Bob
Some recommendations in the $100 range:

- Chris VenHaus Pulsar's ($135)
- Gregg Straley (search Audiogon) twisted pair (probably floats around $120)
- Aural Thrills Gold (if you can get it cheap enough on auction here)

I have used all of these (AT Gold Active version), and all are great for the $$.

BTW, have you listened much to the EVS-mod'd player? I have the S47, was considering geting the mod as well; Ric did great jobs on a Sony and Pioneer mod previously.


Todd - chams_uk
Thanks for the reply Todd,expecting it any day now,will let you know ASAP,thanks,Bob