Overseas power outlets

Have just moved back overseas, this time to Turkey. During my tour in the UK, I felt very confident in the hefty 220v mains supply plugs and outlets that powered my system, through a big 2kw transformer. But here in Turkey, the standard is the little two-prong plugs common in much of Europe. I'm thinking of modifying one of my PS Audio power cables to run my P300 off 220, but it seems a little silly to plug my huge cable into what appears to be a cheezy outlet with a very sloppy conection. Any advice from the Euro-philes out there? Is it possible to buy an upgraded 220v outlet?
Those two prongs are very common throughout Europe. Britain is more the exception. The whole system can be perplexing as it takes three prongs, sometimes four prongs here in the United States to get 220. If you are in Istanbul there are plenty of higher-end shops where you can get assurance that your system is safe.

In much of Turkey I would be more concerned with voltage modulation from the service. Perhaps you will feel better with a power conditioner that has the plugs you are more familiar with that can also plug into your two-pronged outlet.
Unclejeff - I plan to run the front end off my PS Audio P300, so hopefully that will solve the voltage fluctuation problem. Just want to make sure I'm getting a good connection between the P300 and the wall. Will probably run the power amp off a transformer, and a PS Audio Ultimate Outlet.