Outstanding service from Living Voice Speakers in the UK.

It's not very often people take the time to post about really good customer service. I recently had a driver go on my Living Voice Avatar 2's the voice coil wire broke. I contacted Living Voice in the UK asking them about a replacement driver. Lynn Scott replied to my email personally, she gave me some options as to a repair or trade in route. She offered me a NOS driver for a very good price I may say. She also offered me 4 of the current drivers so I could upgrade. These drivers were also offered at the same price as the NOS driver, of course I would have to buy 4. She also offered to take my Avatars in on trade for a new set. I had been traveling quite a bit with the Navy and had some renovations done and I was not able to complete the perches of the new driver for almost 6 months. Last week I contacted Definitive Audio (Living Voice) again to finally get a driver well actually I chose to upgrade and got 4 drivers. I called Lynn and she personally took my payment on the phone and had my new drivers sent priority currier to me in Victoria BC. 4 days to deliver dam good shipping I must say for what I paid. Over all they were very good to deal with and obviously cared immensely about their customers and after purchases care. I would Highly recommend Living Voice and Definitive Audio to anyone not only for their very musical speakers but for their outstanding customer service.