Out of these two cartridges which would you choose?

Hi everyone i officially had my new mega rp8 for a week now and am amazed by the performance with it. I am looking to upgrade the cartridge now but can decide by these two after naming down my search. I have my sets set on either a dynavector 20x2 High output version or a new ortofon 2m Black. The preamp Im running it through would be a cary slp-98p Class A all Tube phono preamp with mm only. I am not considering a low output mc. Because I tried out a new pair of speakers for fun an shocked by how bloody good they sound with my system. But are worth 10K lol and are the last pair I will ever need for life!
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Check out Vinylengine and use their database,
cartridge compatability with your tonearm is important
and much more complicated than just your budget.


A Soundsmith Zephyr III cartridge will play very nicely with the Rega arm.
I have been on vinyl engine and people have had better success with the 20x2 with rega then ortofon 2m black. Also my preamp owners manual said the cary slp-98 has enough gain for cartridges low as 1.4mv. Also with the 2m bronze I have to turn the gain knobs half way down because of high output. I was just really wondering is the 20x2 high output version a bit better with bass response and clarity then the black and bronze, thats all I'm looking for I don't want to spend any more change then what these 2 cartridges are. Or on a step up transformer or new phono preamp.
I won't recommend one cartridge over another,
but I will say that 2 things that I've done with my RB300 tonearm
are the Incognito wiring and an Expressimo weight
( there are several choices for weights )
made large improvments .
The weight seemed to bring out more bass
and the wiring improved everything.