Oracle Turntable and Triplanar VII

Owners out there with that combination ?
How does it work ? What Arm was before ?
Thanks for reading
Thomas,that combo is a fascinating one.I see no reason that it should not work,as long as the correct suspension tension(spring choices?I think?Check with Oracle,here)is used.I believe Gmorris uses a Phantom,on his Oracle(fairly weighty arm,yet seems to work very well),and he seems to be very happy.No reason,I can think of,where the Triplanar should NOT be great on an Oracle.Also,with the materials employed,on both products,it should present a STRIKING visual effect!BTW--some years ago,I was quite friendly with a very experienced analog "head",who taught me alot,about what really made a difference in table design.For what it's worth,his favorite table was the Oracle!

Best regards!BTW--the clamping system is simple,and WORKS!!
Hi Sirspeedy, it is for an Oracle owner who is interested to buy my Triplanar Arm. First he wanted to sell the Oracle but I told him, before doing that, he should check the chance to mount the Triplanar onto his table. He said, he needs a low Arm ( ??? ). The first real High End impression lots of years ago is based on an Oracle TT.