Oracle Alexandria TT - Need Advice

Getting ready to restore this venerable performer. Currently has a Sumiko FT3 Premier Tone Arm. Looking to upgrade the arm. This tone arm restricts me to using cartridges with no more than 8 grams weight. Been thinking of using the Rega RB 300. Also have access to a vintage Magnepan Arm that is NOS. So any thoughts you would care to share would be appreciated.
Origin Live OL-1(modified RB250), with Expressimo Audio HeavyWeight counterweight, and HiFi mod.
Much better than NOS Magnepan. Magnepan will NOT handle the DL103 series carts. Rega arms will. Modded ones sound alot better. If you are not modding right away, the 250 is still a better arm, because it will mod-up better than any of the other Rega arms, due to the absence of the VTF adjuster. And it's cheaper. Can't beat a RB250 for price, performance, and mod-ability.