Options matching 15 ohm LS3/5A to amps?

I've a pair of Rogers LS3/5A 15 ohm speakers. Lately I've been thinking of downsizing my system by replacing my cj MV50/Prem 14 combination with an integrated tube amplifier.

Problem is, most integrated amps I've been checking out on Audigon have only 4 ohm and 8 ohm spkr outputs (the MV50 has 4,8,16 ohm options). I'm assuming I'd use 8 ohm for the Rogers if 16 ohm s isn't available—is this going to be an issue? All suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Thanks and happy holidays!
Your speakers will work fine off an 8 ohm tap.

Try the Rogue Cronus, it is an outstanding integrated, built in Pennsylvania, I believe retail is $1795. Read the rave review at six moons. I've heard it, and I have the larger Rogue stuff on my Stirling LS3/5a's - it's a marriage made in heaven.
it shouldn't be an issue...the rogers e40 integrated drives the 15 ohm speakers just fine, and through the 8ohm taps
Check out what Atma-Sphere has to offer.
I have a Bell tube integrated(20 watts) that is very nice driving Meadowlark Heron i.It has 16 ohm taps and 8 ohm and it drove a stacked pair of ESL 57 with no effort. Try and find some vintage tube gear such as this.Mine still has the original RCA 6V6 and Tele 12ax7 tubes from 1961.Am I lucky or do they just not make them like they used to?
Tektron mono push pull KT66 with 15ohm taps great sound great looks-$4K