Optimum length for Toslink digital cable?

Some say that for 75 ohm digital cable, 1.5m is optimal length (something to do with minimizing internal reflections or something??). Anyways- who knows- I use a 1m Illuminations D-60 and don't know any better!!

OK- question is- for Toslink (from Satellite to A/V Processor), IS there also an optimal cable length as well? Do the same 'rules' apply as with regualar coax digital cables? Does quality of Toslink cable really make a difference?

Finally- I am thinking of going for the Audioquest Optilink 4 Toslink- anyone heard it? What's the best Toslink cable out there?
I use a Toslink cable connecting a DVD player (as a transport) to a Bel Canto DAC1 so I cannot speak to any change in picture quality. I have used 3 different brands and two different lengths. When this was a "hot issue" the word was that 2 meter lengths helped with jitter reduction. I started with an Audio Research 1 meter, then went with a 2 meter XLO ERTOS, and then was told that I HAD to have the $180 2 meter Audio One Reference toslink. While the price was greatly different I did NOT hear a dime's worth of difference. However, the more expensive Audio One is very beautiful and it's connectors match and fit the DAC1 so well, I just had to keep it in place. A victim of fashion, no? In all seriousness, I would make sure the connectors fit well, that would seem to have to make a difference.
Thanks Charlie- I have also heard the sonic differences are somewhat minimized with Toslink vs. coax/XLR, etc.
Hi Guys

I have been reading a lot of the chat on AGon, esp relating to DACs in general. I am in exactly the same position as Sutts as I am about to receive a used Bel Canto DAC 1.1 and have an old Sony CDP with only a Toslink digital out.

What is the verdict on the length of the Toslink Cable? Is 2m better than 1m?

I use Van Den Hul cable in the rest of my system and am planning to buy VdH Optocoupler Mk 2 which has very solid connectors (as Charlie recommends)

Thanks in advance