Optimal loading for a Sumiko Celebration

Just picked up a Sumiko Celebration and I'm rather confused about what the optimal loading is for this cartridge. On the outside of the box is says 1000 ohms, in the manual it says 100 ohms, and on Sumiko's website it says 47k ohms with 100-300 pf of capacitance.

All three sources show the internal impedance as 30 ohms. Anybody have an idea what the optimal loading should be? Or at least where to start?
Rule of thumb for MC's is optimal load is 25x internal impedance +/- 50%. For your Celebration, that would be 750 ohms optimal with a range from about 400 to 1100 ohms to find the best place in your system (i.e. with your preamp, cables, etc.)

If you go much above 1000 ohms (especially to 47k!) you won't notice much difference in the highs, but they will appear to get bright/brittle because you'll be losing bass and midrange body.

Make sure you adjust the tonearm so the stylus rakes back (bottom pointing backward) at a 1 degree angle. Read this thread for more info on that:


I wouldn't worry much about capacitance with MC cartridges. Not enough wire in the coils to matter. MM cartidges are another thing entirely!
Thank you! So far I've tried 47K and 1K, and 1K sounded much better. I'll have to see if I can dig up some 750 ohm resistors.

Also, I called Sumiko, one person I talked to there sounded rather unknowledgeable and recommended 47k ohm, the other guy sounded much better informed and recommended 1000 ohms.
1k. I have played with different brands and values of loading resistors. With 3 different preamps, and to these ears, 1k was always spot on. Nsgarch has good advice above, but 1k is where the music comes alive. It is almost comical, but there is a "inner light" or luminescence - a palpable presence that is lost if loaded less than that. And you get a thinner - more edgey sound - with loss of body as you move toward 47k. 100 was just to sleepy - although I never played with real low values below that with this cart. But listen for yourself - take the time and do the work - as this way you'll answer your own questions, and in the long run have less audiophile nervosa!