oppo dvd players

I am looking for a good cd , blu ray player. I have a cheaper sony blu ray but it does not sound that great to me for cds. I was wondering if Oppo's new blu ray player would sound a lot better and look a lot better than my sony.It will be used with my Integra 9.9 Does anyone have any advise.
If you're passing it digitally to your Integra then it doesn't matter.

The new BDP-83 SE will beat the pants off of your Integra.
The Oppo BDP-83SE will "beat the pants" off of any player under $3000.00. In both analog and digital. It is spectacular! The video is awesome also. This player cannot be beat for the $$$!
I own a 980 and 83...the 83 is a better machine in all aspects on my tv and pj setup. Whether it's 2ch, multi-ch, sdvd, br, etc...overall superior machine. The 980 is a giant killer...the 83 is priceless for what it is.