Oppo BDP-83SE vs Marantz UDP8004 vs Denon DBP-4010

It's about that time to upgrade. First off I have a Denon-2500BTCI and I have been nothing less than impressed with it. I haven't personally seen any blu ray player that has beat it yet. My primary concerns are first Blu ray video quality, then sound, don't care much for cds, as I doubt it can rival my $10K cd setup. The lucky player will be fed power via a PS Audio AC-12 Perfectwave power cord from a Monster SS HTPS 7000 power conditioner. Hdmi cable will be top of the line, Wireworld Platinum Starlight, $1K/1M and will output to $6K NuVision nvu55fx5ls. Now what player should I get, Oppo BDP-83SE unmodded/modded or Marantz UDP8004 or Denon DBP-4010?
Greatly appreciate it,
My feeling is that the Opppo BDP-83SE is the only choice.

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