Opinions please Meridian vs ATC active speakers

I have all M33 active speakers in my home theater and in my bedroom and in my computer room and I just love the sound of these. Active speakers are my favorite as I have noticed them to reach higher sonic levels at far less distortion and fatigue levels. I am getting ready to upgrade to large speakers now and wonder what you all think about the meridians compared to the ATC's. Thanks
Most of Meridian's speakers are now DSP (digital into the speaker). I own them and believe they have many advantages (and sound wonderful). I suggest you read Bob Stuart's white paper at http://www.meridian.co.uk/w_paper/DSP_speakers_scr.pdf. It's worth reading.
I've owned ATCs. I don't now. I've owned Watt/Puppies, Apogees, Sonus Faber, Vandersteen, and Thiel. ATC active speakers are the most accurate I've heard in terms of micro-dynamics and timbre--a sax or female vocal sounds exactly like the live sound of a sax or vocalist. They also do big dynamic swings well if you have the 100s or larger 150s. The Meridians are a great engineering idea that just doesn't pan out to my ears.
Well the verdict is in. I just received a pair of ATC 20-2 active monitors to compare against my meridians and well to be frank the meridians are now going to be leaving my home. These ATC's are in a class of their own. I cannot believe how good this speaker is. It is far better sounding then the active 10 is as well. Demo'd those but these have the world renowned hand-built mid-range speaker from ATC which the 10's don't have. It also has a better tweeter in it. if you have never heard these ATC's don't waste any money until you demo them. I am sold.
I have compared Meridian M-33's and Atc Active 10's. I think this a direct comparison. I found the Atc Active 10's slightly better in clarity and bass response.