Opinions on Speakers and SSP's

Upgrading and want speakers that will do great on music and HT. Have had several recommendations from Aerial 8B's, Innersound Isis, Meadowlark, to Legacy Focus and others. Would like opinions from anyone on this subject. Upgrading SSP also.

Current equipment:
Aragon Palldium Monoblocks
Classe' CAV180 5 channel amp
Sonic Frontiers Line 1 Preamp
Pioneer DVD (upgrading shortly)
Current speakers are Apogee Ribbon LCR's and Ribbon Monitors in the rear.
SSP.... looking at the Integra Research RDC-7 and the ISP HTD 6.1 Stereo Surround Decoder
You don't indicate your budget, so I'll make my suggestion based on a cost less than $3000 (MSRP). I have owned and listened to a lot of speakers over the 35+ years I've been an audiophile -- and I keep recommending Vandersteens when people want a speaker that works well for both music and HT. I have a set of Vandy 3A Signatures, and use them for both music and HT, and couldn't be more pleased. Keeping to my budget limit of $3k, you could get the Vandersteen 3A, and if you need to stay under $2k, then look at the Vandersteen 2Ce Signature.
Thanks for the reply and what do you use for center and surrounds? I am familiar with the Vandersteens from years ago and probably need to revisit them.