Opinions on Revel M20 vs PMC TB2+

I've had my Revel M20s for almost a year and really enjoy them. Of course, I'm always looking for the next step up in my modest system and have made several changes in the past year. For now, I've settled on a Wyred4Sound ST-500 amp paired with my Audible Illusions L1 pre-amp fed by an Eastern Electric Minimax DAC and FLAC files (Foobar) from a PC.

I thought I would try some new speakers with this setup to see if I could get that next step up in realism. So, after much searching and research, I acquired a used pair of PMC TB2+. I've had them for a little over a week and am having a difficult time deciding on which pair of speakers to keep - I can't keep both, unfortunately.

I’m interested to hear from others who have owned these two models or who have heard them extensively and can offer opinions on perceived strengths and weaknesses. If you’ve chosen between these two, which one did you choose and why? Have you been happy with your choice or have you moved on? What did you move on to? Any experience you've had with these speakers that you'd like to share is welcome.

Anyone out there have thoughts on these two speakers?
Hi Jon .... You're in a very enviable position. You are interested in two different speakers and you have them both. The best possible answer to your questions is actually quite simple. Spend quality time listening to each pair, and decide for yourself which sounds best to you, in your room, with your equipment, and your music.