Opinions on PS Audio AMP

I had entertained multi channel attack, but now I think it might make more sense to keep the 3 channel I have and add a higher quality 2 channel.

AFter some research, I have narrowed it down to the CLassic 250 PS Audio or adding the Proceed Hp series as some reccomended. But, the PS Audio is not only a knockout to look at, it's reviews sound very good as well. HAs nyone owned or heard that amp? Thanks for all the input.(original Q I had was opinions on ATI amps or earthquake amps, even ADcom 300W multi, but the PS Audio got my juices popping)
The Classic 250 is a fantastic amp driving the Legacy Audio Whispers. This amp was used to audition these speakers at the store. A great amp w/plenty of power/headroom and finesse.
I own two of the C250's and use them to bi-amp my Tyler Linbrook Signature system. In the past I used the C250's to drive my Legacy Focus 20/20's with great success. These amps have a ton of power and the Tylers being a bit less efficient than the Legacys seem to use more of the amps. I agree with Timo's assessment above.