Opinions on Proceed equipment

I'm looking at the proceed PRE (preamp) and the AMP2 (2 channel amp). Anyone have any comments on Proceed equipment in general? Would also appreciate any feedback from past or present owners of this equipment.

Thanks, Steve
I have owned Proceed equipment for the past 5 years and have been very happy the units. Factory service is excellent and build quality is quite high. The are a touch over-priced, however excellent used examples can be had for reasonable prices. I used the PRE and AMP2 with Vandersteen Model 3A and was very happy with the combination. Good luck with your search...
I have the AVP, HPA-3, ML 334 and PMDT. They sound great. Customer service has been outstanding. I have had the PMDT and the AVP upgraded within the last month and I am waiting for the the new progressive scan video card for the PMDT. Great quality throughout.
I had an Amp 2 that was amzzing, I only sold it because I was downsizing the bedroom system as I didn't use it much. I agree with all the previous comments, they're built like a tank and sound great.

I must add however, that in my friends system (HT - mainly Levinson and Proceed), after a DIRECT lightning strike to his house, some of the Proceed gear blew, the Levinson amp wasn't phased. I know, it's extreme, just an FYI..
I also have the AVP with the HPA amp with all JPS Labs SC+ ic's. The stuff sounds great and as was said above built like a tank.
i have an AVP, an HPA2, and an AMP5 in my theatre room. they have performed perfectly for 4 years (the HPA2 for 2 years). i have levinson ref. gear in my 2-channel room and love it. i believe all around, madrigal makes the best ss gear; performance, quality, design, resale value.

i used to have the PAV which was the processor version of the PRE and it was also impressive.
Been enjoying HPA2 and DAP. Plan on sticking with Proceed or Levinson in the long run. It works for me.
Thanks guys, Its good to know what experiences others have had with equipment your interested in. Further, no one had any negative comments!