Opinions on Pioneer PD 91 and PD93 CD Players.

Hi, does anyone remember these CD Players from the early 90s. There were really built. I think they listed for 2000 dollars.
Check ebay - they usually have some for sale - maybe someone who actaully owns one could give you an opinion - I have a 65 that I use as a transport.
I had a PD-91 that I bought in 1988, it looked fantastic in shiny black and was quite heavy.

The suond was OK, but it was blown away five years later when I upgraded to a PD-95.
Dave-are you sick of your Rega already??? I gave you first shot at my now sold accuphase!!
- PIONEER PD-91 CD PLAYER (1988/1990) -

fantastic build and sound quality, one of the crown jewels
of the zenith of the Japanese bubble economy of the 1970's/ 1980's. i got mine right here on AUDIOGON, a low-hours,
excellent condition example.

this CDP is warm and full bodied. it describes the sound in the owner's manual as "Minute level Resolution" and that is
exactly as it is. all CLASS-A dual-mono analog output stage
with one BURR-BROWN PCM65P D/A converter per channel.

while the switchable ANALOG out/DIGITAL out/BOTH control
with OPTICAL FIBER (TOSLINK) and ELECTRICAL (COAXIAL) outputs are very useful for an external DAC, making this
CDP an IDEAL transport, i myself am VERY content with
it's sound as a one-box CD player.


please feel free to check out my thread regarding this
superlative CDP on the "SOUND THINKING" audio forums;